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Theatre Royal Brighton have this week launched CollyFest, a month long programme of free events running in the theatre foyer and Colonnade Bar on New Road until 14 July. Whilst the main stage and auditorium of the Grade II* listed venue is closed for maintenance works they have made a temporary performance space in the foyer. Visitors to the pub can pop next door to enjoy a variety of events including live music and craft workshops as well as theatre tours and a DJ set from Swing City in honour of Theatre Royal Brighton’s grand opening 217 years ago on 27 June. All entirely free of charge.

The full event schedule is listed on the pub’s new website:
as well as both the pub and theatre social channels (@theatreroyalbtn and @colonnadebarbtn).

On CollyFest, Jackie Alexander, Senior Creative Learning Manager at Theatre Royal Brighton said: “I love Theatre Royal Brighton and am passionate about opening its doors to everyone in our community! To celebrate our fabulous restoration project we’re running a series of free activities including birthday tours and happenings with local artists and musicians as part of CollyFest, alongside our regular programme of workshops, courses and events. I can’t wait to meet more members of our local community and show off all our beautiful venue has to offer!”

Last month, a multi-million-pound project to restore the colonnade and balcony of the Grade II* listed Theatre Royal Brighton reached completion.In early 2023 ATG Entertainment, who own and operate Theatre Royal Brighton, began an extensive improvement and restoration project. As part of this a specialist team spent the last 17 months working to restore the columns and balcony that make up the colonnade facade on New Road to their historically authentic terracotta splendour. Following the installation of 1551 individual sections, the hoarding came down and it was revealed to the public in all its glory at the end of May with visitors to both the theatre and city thrilled to see it complete.

Speaking on the recent renovations, Sophie Denney, Theatre Director of Theatre Royal Brighton said: “We are incredibly proud of the long and rich history of our beautiful venue and are delighted to reach this huge milestone in our restoration project. This investment not only improves the experience of everyone visiting our venue in the present, but also protects the theatre for future generations to enjoy”.

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