Tied up in knots – Learn Knitting to Help Unwind

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The Brighton & Hove Wellbeing Centre, along with the The Charter Medical Centre and the Trinity Medical Centre are offering an initiative from the Robin Hood Health Foundation that not only helps to lower anxiety, but might also help you make the odd birthday present along the way too – knitting.

Free to all who are registered at the medical centres, a weekly group runs every Tuesday between 3pm and 5pm, teaching basic stitches and offering a space to catch up and compare the week’s creations.

“We make ‘some knitting’,” explained the organiser, “so it’s not a question of creating something that’s perfect, just making something in an age when so much we put our energies into is virtual. It is said that when World War I soldiers with shellshock – later recognised as PTSD – first came back from the trenches they were given knitting needles and yarn to make blankets for the local hospital baby units. We’re not claiming that knitting is a revolutionary pick-me-up for trauma, but the repetitive nature and mild meditation involved certainly helps to reduce stress levels anecdotally.”

So if you want to start a new craft , meet some locals and start designing your own jumpers you can email knittingbandh@gmail.com for more details or if you are just interested in joining the group.



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