Tips for Managing Stress as a Writer

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A career as an aspiring author can be a particularly stressful one, writer’s are constantly up against the pressures that come with the job. Some choose to move on and decide that it isn’t the role for them and that’s completely understandable. However if you’re someone who is determined to make it a career then here are a few tips when it comes to handling the stress you may be under as a writer.

This industry can be a lonely one, writers tend to spend their time at home working on their projects alone and rarely find any need to team up with others. Being a part of a group allows you to express your issues and concerns amongst those you trust, this can be a fantastic way to reduce stress. If you’re surrounded by friends who understand your struggles then this can improve your mindset and ultimately benefit your work greatly. 

It’s natural to feel the pressures of comparing yourself to others within the industry and this can cause immense stress. Being a creative means you’re always surrounded by others producing inspiring pieces, this can be a double edged sword but as long as you find confidence in your work, looking to others for inspiration can be a great tool. It’s important to not put pressure on yourself to be as skilled as someone you may look up to, everyone has to start somewhere so always make sure you’re reminding yourself that with time and effort you will improve. Feeling like you aren’t good enough can really impact your career, so stay positive and as long as you continue to love what you do and work hard you will find success. All creatives find themselves in a bit of a rut now and then, this is completely normal however if you’re feeling like you’ve lost all certainty, it may be time to experiment with your writing with a writing mentor.

If you’re struggling to find confidence within your work then this can be extremely stressful. All creatives find themselves in a bit of a rut now and then, this is completely normal however if you’re feeling like you’ve lost all certainty it may be time to experiment with your writing. Its very easy to get bored if you’ve been working on the same stuff time after time so to relieve some of the stress try switching things up. Have fun and create some new characters, plot lines or even try a new genre. If you’re set on the type of writing you want to do then try finding a new place to work, this might give you some new found inspiration. Whatever you decide to do make sure you’re always trying new things to avoid becoming too repetitive. 

Remember why you started this in the first place, if things are becoming too stressful it might be worth going back to basics and just having a bit of fun with your writing. You may just create something that triggers some new ideas.

In the end we all come across stressful situations no matter what career path we choose. There are many things we can do to work on reducing this, as given above but if we have a genuine passion for the work we do then we should always be able to keep going. Whether it’s the fear of rejection or lack of confidence, try and stay optimistic and always focus on your future as well as working to better yourself and your career.

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