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Your Nutritional Blueprint is a company in Hove which is committed to helping people be more confident with their health and daily habits. Their nutrition coaches guide people and help them improve their knowledge in regards to their individual requirements for food.

Via: James Belbin Facebook

James Belbin is Lead coach at Your Nutritional Blueprint, he enjoys helping others who have experienced similar issues to him. A number of years ago he was a high performing salesman in London, was stressed, overweight and unwell and could’t fix it no matter what diets or exercises he tried. Working here has allowed him to learn a lot about himself, and he now feels like he is putting something back into the community.

He realised all those years ago that the solution had to be unique to him and fad diets don’t work for most people. He understands that so many people these days are confused about what they ‘should be eating’. He says; “The health and fitness media constantly contradicts itself with reports on what is good or bad for us.”

Via: Nutritional Blueprint Facebook
Via: Your Nutritional Blueprint Facebook

So here are his 5 top tips for creating your own, personalised nutritional blueprint…

1. It’s not simply what you eat, it’s why, when and how as well. Notice why you eat. Are you hungry or bored? Frustrated? Do you scoff your food? Eating quickly means you eat more. Eating more means you won’t ever lose weight.

2. Stop worrying about calorie counting. Calories are important, but wasting your time counting them rarely works and usually encourages disordered behaviours and makes it socially difficult. Relax and eat food slowly. Use portion control (we show you how) instead.

3. Eat socially. Research shows that people that eat socially tend to eat less because they are talking more. Be aware of how you eat at a meal with others. Take breaks between mouthfuls, chew and talk, obvious and simple, but research shows it works.

4. Learn how to meal prep. If you can make each meal last for 2-3 more meals by preparing more you will save money and have good food in the fridge or freezer to have when you are hungry. This means you are less likely to snack on empty calories when you get home. Its a simple but effective way of ensuring better food more often.

5. Don’t keep foods in the house you know are trigger foods. If they are there you will eat them. Guaranteed.
You can have treats, just see them as what they are and have them on special occasions.

Via: Nutritional BluePrint Facebook
Via: Your Nutritional BluePrint Facebook

James stresses much of the course they teach is about lifestyle. Too find out more James offers a free introductory consultation. The course is run online and provides users with daily lessons. The next launch starts on 6th September and he only takes 20 clients at a time. For more information visit the Facebook page here or review the course outline here.



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