Trafalgar Street Regeneration Project 2024

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Welcome to the Brighton Toy Museum’s Trafalgar Street Regeneration Project 2024!

Brighton Toy Museum’s Trafalgar Street Regeneration Project 2024 are thrilled to announce our Crowdfunder for the Trafalgar Street Regeneration Project will recommence in 2024 to transform the neglected Trafalgar Street Underpass into a vibrant gateway to Brighton, and we need YOUR support!

🌟 Preserving Nostalgia and Wonder Our beloved museum, a treasure trove of nostalgia and wonder, seeks your support to restore and preserve its historic home on Trafalgar Street, making it the new gateway into the city from the station. Help us revitalize and continue captivating young minds with our 12,000 exhibits.

🚂 Hidden Gem Unveiled Did you know that behind a gloomy underpass adorned with graffiti lies one of the world’s best collections of toys and models? The Brighton Toy Museum has been an iconic cultural institution for over 3 decades, enchanting generations with its diverse collection of toys.

🌈 Transforming Trafalgar Street In collaboration with Benedict O’Looney Architects and the Railway Heritage Trust, we’ve secured planning permission to replace modern brickwork with glazing, illuminating the street and revealing our unique treasures. We’ve crossed the 50% mark with support from the Railway Heritage Trust, and now we need YOUR help to reach the finish line.

🏰 Preserving History Together Your generous contributions will refurbish the museum’s infrastructure, preserve its historic architecture, and enhance accessibility. With crime prevention practices, including better lighting and CCTV, we aim to make the museum accessible to everyone.

🤝 How You Can Make a Difference:

  • Donate: Your financial contributions directly fund restoration and enhancement.
  • Spread the Word: Share our campaign to help us reach a wider audience passionate about preserving history and fostering creativity.
  • Volunteer: Your time and expertise are invaluable. Join us as a volunteer to support various aspects of the project.

🌟 Every Contribution Counts No matter the size, your donations make a tangible difference in preserving this cultural gem. Be a part of this exciting journey and help revive the Brighton Toy Museum’s Trafalgar Street location, contributing to Brighton’s cultural heritage.

🎁 Thank You for Your Support! Your involvement ensures we continue to inspire curiosity, creativity, and learning for generations to come.

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