Transitioning Employees Out: Why You Should Help Them On Their Journey

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The way in which a business deals with its outgoing employees can make or break their success. A business is nothing without their hard-working employees. Here’s some information on why you should assist them with leaving the business.

Why They Would Leave

Of course, no one wants to see hard working committed employees leave, but sometimes it’s simply out of your control. Take the COVID-19 pandemic as an example. Millions of people found themselves out of work for large portions of 2020, with many being made redundant due to lack of business and stagnated expenditures.

Also, it is very possible that a business can sometimes grow too early, leading to downsizing shortly after hiring new team members. This, of course, can be a disaster for a business and their HR department, if it’s handled poorly.

You have to ensure these exits are handled well, as the remaining employees will be watching with keen interest. Employee retention is a crucial element of a functioning and successful business.

Sometimes, employees may just leave for their own career development, and that could be inevitable, or something that you were taken surprise by. Speak to your team with regular meetings between management and HR, to get a feel for where an employee is in their career.

What You Can Do

In terms of how you can actually help your employees transition, fortunately there are plenty of methods these days. There are services known as outplacement, that specialises in assisting employees leave and find a new career.

Usually, how it works is that an external third-party company will come in and offer support to both management in how to deal with the situation, and the outgoing employees will receive a mix of benefits.

For example, usually they will be offered some sort of career coaching, allowing employees to figure out where they want to be, and how to get there.

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For assistance with outplacement services, contact a company such as Randstad RiseSmart, they are industry leaders within the outplacement sector. They can offer bonuses to your employees and also to your business as a whole. Mainly, they can assist your HR department with navigating difficult change, helping to ensure future business success.

Relationships Staying Strong

It’s quite likely that your outgoing employee is highly skilled, hence why they worked with you in the first place. If an employee has to leave due to unforeseen circumstances, then it’s best to support them as much as you can.

Not only is this ethically right, to ensure they can continue to afford to live, but it also helps you maintain a strong relationship with them. The last thing you want is for them to depart and talk poorly about your business, as this will harm potential future business and working with your former employees’ new business.

Reputation Protection

On a similar point, as I’m sure you can imagine, this will also help protect your reputation too. As you’ll be seen as a compassionate company, that puts employees first.

Protecting your corporate brand, helps you with hiring people when you grow once more, as well as attracting new business in general.

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