University of Brighton implements ‘Wellbeing Cupboards’ at every campus!

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Today the University of Brighton’s Students’ Union has announced they have implemented ‘Wellbeing Cupboards’ at every one of their five campuses. The cupboards will be freely available to every student and are set to be made up of pregnancy tests, bio-friendly tampons and pads, dental dams, condoms, lube and drink spikeys. The SU have been at the forefront of this new initiative and it will clearly help a lot of students stay safe. Students are notoriously strapped for cash and the prices of sanitary products and contraception are often extortionately high. Being a student myself I really appreciate how much more accessible the ‘Wellbeing Cupboard’ will make products.

I spoke to Amy the Vice President of Welfare & Campaigns at the University of Brighton Students’ Union to find out more, about why this was so important to her. She described how she thinks the scheme will impact the students more widely, ‘As well as saving students money I hope the cupboards can help break the stigma that can sometimes be associated with such products. Periods and sex shouldn’t be taboo subjects and as adults, we should all be informed how to lead our lives safely and cost effectively.’


This innovative scheme can be linked to surrounding debate about whether sanitary products should be free nationwide and the ongoing campaign to see the sanitary tax demolished. ‘End Period Poverty’ is a campaign fronted by Scarlett Curtis and other influencers, which requests free sanitary products for all women on the basis that periods are not a choice. Amy described how she feels about the movement ‘I am really pleased to see that some businesses and companies across the country are beginning to recognise sanitary products are not a luxury. I was so pleased to visit the AMEX stadium recently and see they stock free sanitary products.’

This is one of the many positive things that the Student Union have put in place for students at the University of Brighton, to make everyone feel comfortable. As Amy says ‘The Students Union exists to make students’ lives better.’

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