University of Sussex – Brighton Street Style

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As Brighton is a city with a high student population, today’s street fashion edit is dedicated to our hard-working and fashionable students. With such a host of diverse students at university, it can be noted that the university dress code is more or less non-existent. Here are a handful of University of Sussex students dressed to impress:DSC_1334Miri is looking stylish and chic in her red faux fur coat. Miri cites the 90’s as her favourite fashion decade and is particularly influenced by 90’s fashion icons such as Scary Spice who notoriously wore extravagant, bold and colourful clothing. Miri’s shopping habits vary and she likes to shop online, in high street shops and charity shops. Her ankle grazer jeans are from Topshop and cost £30, her coat is also a Topshop sale item reduced from £80 to £50 and her boots are from Asos. Although Miri is inspired by 90’s fashion, her style is not just limited to this and you’ll often find her sporting a pair of trainers or Dr Martens. She goes through phases of loving particular items of clothing and has now amassed an ample collection of faux fur coats, perfect for this cold weather.

DSC_1324Katy is looking very edgy and naturally cool.  Katy is originally from London and is currently in her second year at the University of Sussex. She admits that today’s outfit is very “Brighton” inspired and her style usually reflects grunge and vintage fashion. She mostly buys second hand clothes but will also shop on the high street. Her dungarees are from Topshop, her coat is truly vintage belonging to her mum in the 80’s and her polo neck jumper was a bargain from Shabitat for £2. Katy likes buying and shopping for cheap clothes and her most expensive piece of clothing is her double sole Doc Martens which she usually wears every day!

DSC_1375Jonathan has an eclectic fashion taste but with a smart edge.  His style used to be quite “urban” but after working and studying in America for year he has changed up his look. He tends to shop on the high street but also has a full wardrobe of American clothes which he accumulated whilst living there. His jumper is New Look, his jeans are Topman, his shoes are handmade Italian from America and his coat is Banana Republic. Jonathan generally likes to dress smartly but can also opt for a casual look and it is not unusual to find him in a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s.

DSC_1361Gaby is looking very colourful in her Swedish inspired outfit. Gaby loves fashion and you’ll often find her shopping in the Laines. Gaby mainly gets her style creativity from Swedish fashion and although she has never been to Sweden she keeps up to date with their fashion trends via social media platforms such as Tumblr and Pinterest. She enjoys shopping at both high street and second hand shops. Her trousers are Jaeger, her top is H&M and both her scarf and glasses are from Zara. Gaby loves bright colours and usually incorporates some type of colour in to her outfits.

DSC_1353Lucy is proving that having your own individual and unique style is not just limited to university students. Lucy is the senior history lecturer at the University of Sussex and has been through a variety of fashion phases including punk and 90’s raver. She now opts for a more minimal look due to work but still gets away with her groovy green hair! Lucy’s favourite shops are Collectif to which her skirt comes from, Tara StarletLindy Bop and Get Cutie. She admits she does not follow traditional fashion trends but we love how she creates and maintains her own distinctive style which she uses to reflect her personality!

Photographs: Kamilah McInnis

Kamilah McInnis

[email protected]

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