Vegan Cafe Replaces a Former Butchers Shop in Brighton


Veganism is soaring worldwide. Increasing concerns about the environment, animal welfare and our own personal health have spurred a dramatic shift. Also, with the increased range, and decreasing cost, of vegan products, it’s easier than ever to make the change. There are now believed to be around 3.5 million vegans in the UK, taking it from a niche market, to a significant movement.

Brighton has held the crown of the UK’s vegan capital for some time now, which is no surprise. The city is home to the only Green Party seat in the country, and is now the hipster hot spot of the world.

In a rather symbolic turn of events, a former butchers shop in Brighton’s Open Market is now occupied by a vegan cafe. Smorl’s, a company specialising in the production of artisan houmous and falafel, have taken over the site.

The Sussex company continue to expand, bringing their fresh food to more and more people across the county. This replacement of the butchers, a previous staple, represents the swing in the modern consensus towards meat-free eating.

While Brighton is still a world away from some parts of the UK in terms of its approach to veganism, the movement is still gathering pace at an incredible pace.

If you want to try Smorl’s wonderful food, then you can order it on Deliveroo or visit the London Road cafe! They also sell their produce at a range of Brighton and Hove stores.





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