Weekend entertainment at home: try coffee tasting!

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Stuck for some ideas for things to do on the weekend? If you’re planning to spend the weekend in the house then it might be time to get creative. One idea is to try coffee tasting, something you can do in your own time, and have fun with a partner or some friends.

One cool way to do this is with your buddies, and encourage everyone to bring a couple of examples of their favourite coffee beans. If your friends are coffee aficionados then you might even get some amazing suggestions for coffees that will become a part of your day-to-day rotation.

Tasting like the pros 

If you were tasked with grading coffee then you would have to get used to the process of cupping. This is how professionals score and come up with tasting notes for coffee, and doing it yourself at home can be a lot of fun.

Once you have your varieties of coffee beans, you can follow this method to “cup” your coffee. This is also a very good way to make sure you aren’t drinking too much caffeine. 

First, grind your coffee to a fairly coarse grind, the sort you might use for some varieties of filter coffee. Without using any sort of filter you should then add the water, at the temperature of around 95 degrees C. Let the water sit and soak up the ground coffee for a few minutes.

Next up, you can break the crust by stirring the froth that has accumulated on top. Now, smell the coffee, this is where you start to pick up on some of the flavour notes. Stir, and then give the coffee the chance to settle so that grinds sink to the bottom. If you see any floating on the surface you can get rid of these using a spoon.

Next, grab a deep spoon and fill it with the beverage you’ve just created. It’s like coffee, but with the grounds still in the bottom. You should bring it towards your mouth while you suck it really hard to let the coffee go all the way around your mouth, stimulating all of your taste buds and covering the mouth.

Don’t swallow at this stage, instead, start to swill the coffee around and consider the taste, make a note of anything you could compare the coffee to. Using a coffee chart could be a good way to do this, and you and your friends may even fill in your own observations.

Try coffee from around the globe

One of the best ways to enjoy a coffee tasting day is to try coffee that has been grown all over the world. The climate of the coffee belt around the equator leads to all sorts of amazing varieties. Did you know you can even get coffee grown in China?

This is a good use of your time, too, as you can check which sorts of coffee you tend to enjoy, and if you have favourite regions or varieties.

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Create the coffee tasting experience you want to

Of course, you don’t have to follow the ‘cupping’ method above. You can do this sort of event however you want to. If you just want to spend your day trying out the latest in coffee pods and capsules then there should be no snobbery. 

A lot of people turn this into a bit of a cocktail party. There are a lot of different cocktails that you can make with coffee, it isn’t all about the espresso martinis. This can be a way to enjoy coffee long into the night and relax with your friends.

You can tailor this sort of weekend to be however you want it to be, but the chance to try lots of different coffees may well be appealing. Why not stock up on interesting blends orvarieties beforehand in a bid to have the most enjoyable coffee event you can?

A note of caution on caffeine

Coffee tasting is a lot of fun, but you don’t want to overdo it. Try to make sure you’re only having small quantities of each coffee and stick to the recommended maximums. 400mg is safe for the majority of people. Things like espresso and double espressos are a way to consume a lot of caffeine very quickly, so try to steer clear of these.

Of course, if you want to include some decaf in your rotation then you can enjoy more different types of coffee as part of your tasting. Just make sure you keep an eye on what you are consuming.


Whether you’ve got a new espresso machine and want to learn some barista skills, or just want an excuse to try some new types of coffee, this can be a fun way to spend some of your weekend with your partner or other company. Lots of people love coffee and consume it daily, but never really experiment. Now is the perfect opportunity. 


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