What are the Best Antique Shops to Visit in Brighton?

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Brighton is famous for many things – its diversity, chilled-out atmosphere, and friendly people are all up there with the things that make it such an attractive destination. There are also all the great events we cover in the Brighton Journal. Antiques may not be at the top of everyone’s lists when thinking about what makes this city great, but it is a surprisingly good spot for old furniture and collectibles.

There are countless antique shops for tourists to check out in Brighton, with various unique treasures to be discovered in locations such as Tidy Street and Kensington Street. What makes Brighton such an attractive location for enthusiasts is that it is highly accessible from other nearby locations such as London. Indeed, travellers can book a city break with Opodo and find cheap deals on transport and accommodation. It’s as simple as typing in Brighton in the search function and finding hotels near the famous antique shops.

Where are the Best Locations for Antique Shops in Brighton?

Kensington Gardens is one of the first places that antique fanatics should check out, as it’s the home of Snoopers Paradise. Here, you’ll find loads of unique furniture from yesteryear, along with plenty of other interesting collectibles. These range from vintage chairs from decades ago to home décor pieces. It prides itself on being the “vintage shop of your dreams,” and even has classic threads for people who want to dress in old-fashioned attire.

Brighton Lanes Antique Centre is another hotspot for people in search of old valuables. The shop is in Brighton Square and is easily identifiable as one of the quaintest buildings in the area. It has a wide range of items, including clocks, ornaments, and silverware. You will also find some fascinating pieces of jewellery there if you are looking for a unique accessory. Upper Gardner Street and Church Street North Laine are also home to a couple of great antique stores. The former has North Laine Bazaar while Patrick Moorhead Antiques is located on the latter.

What Unique Treasures Are Available in These Spots?

To make the most of the antique scene in Brighton, it helps to start with an idea about what you’re looking for. One thing that you’ll notice is that art and prints are abundant in the city. If you’re lucky, you might stumble across a rare print of a Hollywood actor or a legendary sports star. It’s important to know how to determine their value if you are planning to make an offer for one, with companies like Anderson & Garland providing useful advice.

Along with rare vintage gems, there’s also plenty of historically significant architecture in Brighton. Visitors interested in antiques will most certainly love to check out sites like St. Helen’s Church as well. The building existed in the Domesday Book of 1086 and is the oldest building in Brighton and Hove.There’s also the wonderful Theatre Royal Brighton, which is currently showing an incredible poltergeist production written about in the Brighton Journal.

For people in search of old trinkets and rare finds, Brighton is one of the best spots in the UK. You may not have known before that it’s a great place for antiques, but you might start noticing now when you’re out and about.

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