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Brighton Journal | 26th May 2020

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Why are there seafront lanterns missing?

Why are there seafront lanterns missing?
Hannah Midgley

Whilst walking along the beach you may have noticed that ten of the historic seafront lanterns have been removed.

Ten of the historic seafront lanterns along the promenade have had to be removed following inspections which found that they had been corroding too quickly. The extent of the corrosion has been deemed dangerous and valuing safety, the council have removed them.

David Parker, the councils head of engineering has said:

We know how much these lights are treasured by our residents and visitors, but our priority has to be the safety of everyone walking underneath them. We always expect to find some corrosion when we carry out our routine inspections, but to have to remove lanterns so early into the inspection programme was not expected by the team.

Routine checks are made every two years on all of the iconic lanterns – there are 163 in total- that run along the walkway from Black Rock to Hove Lagoon. The corrosion of these lanterns is due to the salty air coming off the sea, which is not something that can be avoided.

Checks are continuing throughout the next few weeks, so it is likely that more lanterns will have to be removed. The council will be talking to conservation officers to create new lanterns that, whilst attempting to keep the traditional look, will be “longer lasting and easier to manage from a financial aspect.”

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