Where’s Your Place in the World?


As I have shared before, numerologically (if that is even a word) this is a number 1 (RED) Year, which means, amongst other things; new beginnings, building foundations and finding our place.  It mean starting new projects, moving house, changing relationships, children leaving home, re-training in a new profession or implementing a different diet.  Certainly, throughout the year,  I have kept this theme very much in my mind as I have been making choices and decisions in both my personal and professional life as I wish to ground very strong roots for my future self from which a beautiful new reality be created and grow.

Part of my process has been about “finding my place” or role in my community.  A significant step in this investigation happened back in April at the Vital Development Family Constellations workshop. This was a combination of the Vital Development Movement Method (which I teach) and Family Constellations which is a powerful healing modality.

During this extra special weekend I had a unique opportunity to explore where I stood in the world in relationship to my dreams and desires and, importantly, in the context of learnt family and ancestral patterns. Through structured exercises and skilfully guided processes it felt as if I could remove years of conditioning and patterning to be in the present moment fully and completely.  Since then I have been reviewing my vision for the future, so that in THIS present moment I am consciously planting the best seeds to ensure that vision comes to fruition.

I am delighted to reveal that the biggest part of the puzzle has recently slotted into position.  I understand in a deeper level, more visceral way that in answer to the question “Where Is  My Place or Where Do I Belong?”   is in my heart, in my heart- always in my heart.

This may sound “new age-y” and “fluffy” however, the experience of living in the heart is very far from that.  The teachings on how to live in the heart are as ancient as you can imagine. And whilst the felt-sense is gentle, kind, soft, compassionate and expansive, please don’t confuse this for fluffy-ness or uncertainty because the reality of being in the heart is strong and solid. It gives you a tremendous amount of power and potential to stay firm in your truth.

What a gift to gain this clarity of knowing.  I now realise that my place this not a geographical location or one of perceived status or role within my community but it is in the expansive and loving space of the heart.

As often the case, once a lesson is learnt it’s obvious.  Especially when I consider my belief that we always teach the lesson we most desire to learn and embody.  All my work emphasises becoming more heart-centred and is based on providing a space of love for people in which to flourish.  So naturally, I too need to provide for myself a place of love in which to nurture myself and from where to grow.  This place is the all-encompassing love that resides in each of our hearts.


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