Why We Should Be Celebrating Galentine’s Day

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Saturday 13th February is a very special day. It’s more important than pretty much every day of the year and should be celebrated in the biggest and best way possible. February 13th is Galentine’s Day, the day of the year when you spend time celebrating your female friendships. So, what is Galentine’s Day?


In 2010, Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope in the hit TV show Parks and Recreation threw her annual Galentine’s party for her female friends. Since then, women have been planning ways to celebrate their best friends. Best friends are sometimes overlooked, we can become so wrapped up in work, relationships and everything else that we forget to tell our best friends that we love them and appreciate everything they’ve done for us which is exactly why Galentine’s Day is the best holiday ever.

According to the Mayo Clinic, having meaningful friendships has been linked to feeling less stressed and anxious and a study in 2013 a study in Canada found a positive correlation between the number of real-life friends a person has and their well-being. Galentine’s Day is something that all women can get involved in whether you’re single or not, so here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Bottomless Brunch: What better way to spend Galentine’s Day? The North Laine Brewhouse do a Bottomless Brunch for only £20.

Throw a Dinner Party: Why not throw your gals a pot-luck dinner party? Each person cooks their favourite dish, then you all help yourselves!

Have a girls night out: There is nothing better than gathering your best friends, getting glammed up and dancing until four am. Funky Fish Club are hosting a 70s, 80s and 90s night, which is perfect for a girly night.

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Or…have a girls night in: Sometimes you just want to put your pyjamas on, order pizza and watch bad movies. Or, you could have a Parks and Recreation marathon to truly appreciate what Leslie Knope has done for female friendships everywhere.

Happy Galentine’s Day!!


Holly Martin


feature image:Danny Feld/NBC

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