Will You Still Be Able To Smoke Outside Brighton’s Pubs And Restaurants?


Maybe not for so much longer! The city council and local NHS leaders consider introducing a smoking ban for outside sitting areas as well, but without any legislative power. It will be up to business owners to decide whether they want to extend the smoking ban or not.

One of the possible options is to introduce a smoke-free dining scheme in the city that cafe, bar and restaurant owners will be asked to adopt. However, the ones who do so will do it on a voluntary basis as, other than for the inside area ban, there is no legislation behind it.

Picture taken from here.
Picture taken from here.

The council has questioned twelve local businesses about their view on this voluntary extended smoking ban. Ten said they would consider adopting the scheme although some of them were worried about losing customers.

The idea follows a 2015 survey where people were asked whether they think outdoor areas where people eat and drink should be smoke-free. The majority answer was yes with the reason that smoking next to someone eating was anti-social.

Depending on the decision of Brighton and Hove’s health and wellbeing board, the smoke-free dining scheme might even be introduced this month.


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