Wizard-inspired Molecular Cocktail Bar To Open In Brighton

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The Cauldron Magical Pub, a name that brings fantasy to life in food & beverage spaces around the world, is opening a seaside branch in Brighton, UK. The grand opening will be on Friday, August 12th offering its ticketed signature Potions Experience. Tickets are now available online.

The Cauldron Brighton is tucked off a side street located at 1-2 Clarence Gardens (BN1 2EG) in Brighton City Centre and is just minutes from the beach, railway station, and Brighton Little Theatre. The venue will showcase a walk-in molecular cocktail bar and a mini outdoor beer garden offering a variety of beer lines. The immersive “Potion Making” cocktail experience is specifically designed around Covid health and safety best practices. The experience provides working magic wands crafted using proprietary technology at The Cauldron’s workshop in London. These wands can be purchased and used to activate all the enchanted realms of their venues worldwide.

Tickets and gift vouchers for the award-winning Potions Experience for adults, university students, and kids (corporate/group rates are also available). Sessions start at £32.99 for adult tickets, £26 for student tickets, and £20.99 for child tickets, and include three drinks, magical materials, and supplies. Opening hours will be Wednesday – Sunday from 3:30pm – 11pm (subject to change). Tables for the molecular cocktail bar, pub, and beer garden are available for walk-in customers at all times but advanced booking online is recommended.

The global Cauldron concept was founded by entrepreneurs Matthew Cortland and David Duckworth, after a Kickstarter campaign to launch a technology-powered Wizard Pub & Inn in London.  Five years later, the successful concept has expanded into Edinburgh, Dublin, New York City, Philadelphia, and an online eCommerce shop that sells magic wand-interactive educational products.

“We are really looking forward to becoming part of Brighton’s quirky food and beverage scene. We’ve got something for everyone, and we embrace the weird and wonderful.  Prepare to have some fun with our brand of magic,” said Duckworth.

The Brighton Cauldron Pub & Experience provides two alluring elements:

  1. The Potion-Making Experience is a 1 hour and 45-minute class that draws inspiration from fantasy novels and magical lore. Upon arrival, guests receive a wizard robe, and a magic wand imbibed with patented IoT technology to brew drinkable elixirs that have fantastical properties. Tickets for this are available online.

    • The class involves Spellcasting 101— to pour a welcome drink of cocktail or mocktail from the mouth of a glittering unicorn.

    • Students are then seated at their interactive workstation, equipped with a cast-iron cauldron and potions instructions, and fresh ingredients to brew two illuminating, bubbling, and smoking drinks to enjoy.

    • Kid-friendly times are available, as well as Student nights to cater to Brighton’s university students

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  1. The walk-in, alchemy-style cocktail bar, and beer garden will serve a range of signature molecular cocktails that showcase science—the magic of our world and lines of beer that may or may not be dispensed by a magical creature’s head.  The cocktails are designed by The Cauldron co-founder David Duckworth and the team to excite and strike at the heart of the fantasy fandom in Brighton.  Walk-in customers are welcome.

    •  “Our potion menu is the product of a team of expert mixologists and fantasy geeks coming together to create a cocktail program that speaks to lovers of fantasy, science, and craft cocktails. We are incredibly excited to open our doors and launch a product that Philadelphia hasn’t yet seen,” remarked co-founder David Duckworth.

    • Unique cocktails include The Wizard of Menlo Park—a Thomas Edison-inspired ginger cocktail that shoots plumes of smoke into the air, Ode to Mullica—a bourbon and maple cocktail served in a smoking bell jar and The Blob—an aloe and tequila cocktail with an expanding head.  All drinks are made to be interactive and feature different effects—fire, ice, smoke, spherification, expansion, colour change, clarification, and even love. The Cauldron’s love potion, Damiana’s Charm, uses Damiana—a natural aphrodisiac as a sprinkled raspberry garnish.  The concept’s British roots are showcased in The Cauldron Stiff Tea—Earl Grey, orange marmalade, and gin.

    • The beer garden will offer 10 lines of beer including Guinness, Cider, Lager and IPAs

In celebration of the Brighton grand opening, the venue will be selling a limited number of “Everlasting Wands” for customers to display their honorary wizard names on plaques in the space forever. These can be customised and purchased online here or given as a gift.

Disclaimer: The Cauldron is broadly inspired by fantasy and science-fiction and is a place for fans of magic. It is not endorsed by, affiliated with, or associated with Warner Bros. or J.K. Rowling or otherwise connected with Harry Potter or J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World or any other specific book or movie. It takes ideas from literary and world history and brings them to life with science and technology. We are but geeks.

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