Wizardry Quiz Raises over £600 for Children’s Charity in One Night!

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Wizardry pub quizzes had a roaring success with its debut in Brighton, bringing the creme-de-la-creme of Potter fans together to compete for the Wizardry cup while raising money for children’s charity Child.org.

On the 21st September the packed Revolution bar was host to a horde of the biggest Potter-heads battling it out through various rounds and challenges with team Levidorkus making it through to become the first Brighton holders of the coveted Wizardry Cup.

These quizzes are run by Spectacular Pub Quizzes with all proceeds going to international children’s charity, Child.org. Child.org work in the most difficult places in the world to grow up.

They work to remove whatever barriers prevent children from getting the most out of life, whether it’s by providing access to clean water, food, health services or a safe place to be.

Georgie from Child.org said “To raise over £600 in just one evening is an amazing success for the charity. We also had fantastic feedback from attendees who can’t wait for the next quiz – so it looks like this could be a regular income stream for Child.org, with the potential to help thousands of children.”

The best news is, thanks to the success of this event, Spectacular Pub Quizzes will be bringing more quizzes to Brighton. Whether you’re a whizz at wizardry or no stranger to Friends, look out for events that will immerse you in your favourite fictional world, while testing your memory of the canon!

The next Wizardry quiz will be held on 16th November, get your tickets at spectacularpubquizzes.com

Spectacular Pub Quizzes specialise in immersive, creative, extra-special quiz events that give fans the chance to enter their favourite fictional worlds for an evening. Quizzes run regularly in London, Manchester, Norwich, Cardiff, Cambridge, Brighton and Bristol, and are entirely run and owned by Child.org. This means that all the profit made by the events goes to support the charity.

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