12 Jobs That Do Not Require A College Degree For Brigthon Teenagers

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A college degree is sometimes required for success in the job market. However, not everyone can afford to attend the university. Others also choose not to for personal reasons. Research shows that about 54.7% of Americans do not have a college degree. Fortunately, various employment opportunities do not require one. These jobs provide various professional options, financial stability, and job security. This article will highlight some of the best jobs that do not require a college degree and the abilities and attributes essential for success in each field for yourng brigthon teenagers and looking at new careers

Medical records technicians 

Medical record technicians and specialists with a high school diploma (or equivalent) and prior working experience in a hospital setting can enter the industry. Some employers prefer a post-secondary certificate, associate degree, or certification. Medical record technicians manage patient files and have access to electronic health records. 

Recreation and fitness trainers

Recreation and fitness workers must have a high school diploma or equivalent. They also get on-the-job training as well. They plan and organise activities to help people have fun while staying active and healthy. Most fitness instructors must get further certification in their field of specialisation. So, people who want to work in this field are encouraged to take personal trainer courses to get in-depth knowledge of their specialisation. Fitness trainers lead Individuals or groups through activities that develop strength, flexibility, and endurance.


Fire inspectors 

Fire investigators and inspectors often have a background in firefighting and post-secondary training. A high school certificate and on-the-job training will equip you with the essential foundational skills needed to start. Fire inspectors detect fire threats, check fire regulations are followed, test fire extinguishing systems, examine evacuation plans, and provide fire safety education. Investigators are responsible for analysing fire evidence, recording it, and identifying the cause and origin of fire outbreaks. If you are interested in this area, you might make a median income of more than $60,000. 

Aviation mechanics and service personnel

Aircraft mechanics and service personnel conduct normal maintenance and repairs on planes. After graduating high school, you can pursue technical training and a certification course at a federal aviation administration-approved aviation technician school. Another option is to begin training under supervision to earn the necessary experience to get certified. Fixing electrical or mechanical problems and repairing brakes, wings, and other electrical components are among the responsibilities.

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Transportation supervisors

A transportation inspector is another occupation with a good salary and no degree needed. This position is in charge of examining items or equipment used in transporting persons or freight. Inspectors might specialise in freight, rail transportation, or other modes of transportation such as road, sea, or air. Inspecting shipments for security, monitoring freight conditions and handling, witnessing loading for compliance, and providing insight when stowing big or risky goods are all responsibilities. If you are interested in transport but do not want to be a transport manager, this career is a great option.  

Installers and repairers of electrical power lines 

The electricity system is maintained and installed in this job, and entry-level roles require a high school certificate. Electrical power-line installers construct power line networks, while repairers maintain high voltage lines and towers, as well as street traffic lights. Typical responsibilities include checking electricity lines and cables, finding power grid faults, and climbing poles to thread power lines. Electrical line installers and repairers operate in hazardous situations above ground with high-voltage electricity. The high predicted employment growth and salary might counter this danger. 

Makeup artist

Cosmetic artists work in various settings, from department store cosmetics counters to special effects in theatre or cinema. While some makeup artists attend makeup school, it is not an absolute requirement.  Professional licences are frequently required for makeup artists, although this varies by state. The easiest way to get a career in cosmetics is to practise and research everything accessible online, from YouTube tutorials to Instagram videos and photographs. To get experience and grow their kits, most aspiring makeup artists work at department shops or mall chains. Making a living as a makeup artist might be an artistically gratifying profession. The average pay in the United States is $22,000, but this figure is subject to change based on the artist’s work and clientele.


Woodworking includes creating items such as cabinets and furniture from wood, veneers, and other materials. Like other kinds of production, woodworking does not require a college degree. To create exact cuts, you must be detail-oriented and skilled with your hands. Basic arithmetic and geometry abilities aid in the design and construction of furniture. New woodworkers often perform simple projects until they gain proficiency. It might take months or years to gain experience. However, throughout that period, you may hone your skills. Woodworking wages vary depending on expertise and working experience, but the median income for this career is around $36,000. 

Photovoltaic solar installer

These professionals put up solar panels on homes and businesses. They build photovoltaic systems, allowing solar panels to harness the sun’s energy and generate power. This position needs substantial practical training to perform the duties, although only a high school diploma is required. Some employers also favour vocations and technical educational certificates, but it is not always required. It is a physically hard profession that requires employees to climb ladders, squat, bend, and crouch for most of the day. Solar panels may be heavy; therefore, installers should be able to handle at least thirty-five pounds at a time. Because solar energy is a rapidly developing industry, the job prognosis for this career is substantially brighter than the national average. Analysts predict that almost 6,100 jobs will be added during the next decade. Solar installers earn an average wage of $48,000 per year. However, their earnings may vary depending on region and the number of field experiences, so feel free to consider this. 

Patrol officers

Police jobs are frequently physically and mentally exhausting. Of all jobs, patrol policemen have the greatest risk of injuries and illnesses. Is a college degree required for this career? The answer differs depending on the state. Some agencies require patrol police officers to have a four-year or even an associate’s degree. Although police agencies may require candidates to have a high school certificate, recruits are frequently sent to the police academy. Furthermore, most patrol officers must fulfil stringent physical and personal requirements. Salary for patrol officers varies by state and agency, but the national average income for a police patrol officer is $60,857. 


The postal service provides good opportunities for career growth right out of high school, albeit all applicants must pass a written exam before receiving a job offer. Postal workers are responsible for everything from sorting and collecting goods to delivering mail. While postal employment is expected to dwindle over the next decade, people who can find work may see greater career progress. Postmasters are often hired via experience. Entry-level mail carriers or processors can advance through the system and become postmasters, so keep this in mind. 

Home health care assistants 

Home health aids are often needed for a high school diploma or equivalent. Furthermore, licensed home health or hospice agency professionals must complete formal training and pass a standardised test. Home health aides provide daily care to people with disabilities or chronic conditions and supplement medical professionals’ care plans, so feel free to consider this. 

Getting a lucrative job without a college degree is possible, as many options are available. You only need to choose one that resonates with your passions and skills.

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