The Humans of Brighton

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The streets of Brighton are forever strewn with the cream of the inspiring and vibrant. This piece picks out just a few, why these people love Brighton and what makes our city so beautiful.


Emma (27) Lives in Brighton. Originally from Burgess Hill she moved to our city because of the unique and eclectic draw we have. She loves Brighton because of its ‘crafty community’. There is a monthly stitch & bitch at the North Laine pub that she works with. That beautiful White Rose head dress was handmade by Emma herself.

Gina and Pippa

To the left we have Pippa (22) who lives in London. She was visiting Brighton on business but loves to stop over in our city because of its atmosphere. To the right is Gina (21) who’s originally from Tunbridge Wells she moved to Brighton because of its wide tastes in fashion. She was preparing an interview when we spoke to her.


Dani (28) lives and is a native of Brighton town. She loves Brighton because it is different to everywhere else. This sparkly cheeked, plaid bubble of joy is an Illustrator in her spare time. She makes ‘patterny stuff’.

Photagraphed by Lucy Evers


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