5 Smart Home Devices That Can Save You Money This Winter

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As winter draws near, it’s easy to be caught off guard by all the additional costs that the cold weather brings.

Unfortunately, the Bristol Post reports that the coldest winter in 50 years is about to hit England, already resulting in a 20% increase in the number of engineer callouts to homes across the country this month.

When bundling up in warm clothes isn’t enough to withstand the cold, it’s definitely time to turn up your heating to the maximum. That’s why it’s important to prepare accordingly by double-checking that all your home appliances work perfectly fine. For instance, HomeServe recommends getting insurance for your boiler system, as most policies come with coverage on replacing parts and have 24-hour call out services — you really don’t want to be one of the literal thousands clamouring to get their boiler repaired throughout the winter months and left shivering in the cold. And it’s not just your boiler you need to make sure is insured – everything in house should be!

Once you’ve made sure everything is ready for winter, it is never too late to buy some last-minute investments for your home. The smart home devices we explored in ‘Smart Home Design and Technology Trends for 2017’ have incredible cost-cutting features that can save you money, and here are our top five suggestions for this coming winter:

Nest Thermostat

Along with its modern and minimalist design, the Nest can automatically detect when you’re not at home, and it “pays for itself after owning it for 2 years due to its monthly savings on your heating bill,” according to an article by Digital Trends. Plus, you can remotely change the heat settings using a mobile app, which also keeps you on the right track with your energy usage.

Nano Heated Mug

Is hot coffee an absolute daily essential? With one full charge of the Nano Heated Mug, it gets you an amazing 7 whole refills worth of hot coffee and will automatically save energy turning itself off after 30 minutes. It definitely uses less power than brewing more coffee or using the maker to keep it hot.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini

With the holiday season approaching, you’ll have tons of friends and family spending time over who inevitably need to charge their personal gadgets. In order to prevent this drain on your savings, CNET recommends the TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini which can be programmed to turn on or off on a schedule or even based on your location.

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Amazon Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show 5 can make your life a lot easier — you can play music, use it as an alarm clock, check on the weather, and even make video calls, all from the comfort of your bedside. You’ll make money by selling your other devices because this one can do it all.

Ultra Smart Home Security Camera

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that intruders are hibernating. Along with the typical features of a security camera, the Arlo Ultra Smart Home Security Camera comes with a spotlight and a smartphone-activated siren to protect your home from any harm and theft. Plus, it can even track movement within its field of vision for added caution, ensuring that loiterers are caught in the act in full-colour night-vision.

By purchasing some of these smart home devices and keeping your heating devices insured and well maintained, we hope that you’ll have a warm and peaceful winter — along with a thicker wallet.

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