Five Podcasts for the Creative Soul


If you are a creative soul trapped in the body of a suit-wearing, caffeine-fuelled office worker then I reckon 2020 has given you some food for thought. For many of us, escaping the 9 ‘til 5 in exchange for a freer way of life is the ultimate goal but the reality of paying the bills each month keeps that dream at bay. If lockdown did anything for us, it showed us a new way of working or that, frankly, we don’t want to go back to the same career path we had been merrily skipping down. If you’ve recently re-ignited a spark for an old hobby or been sharpening up on new skills over lockdown, then now is the time to turn that creativity into a career.  A side hustle, a passion-project (ugh) whatever it is you want to call it, people are growing out of their 9-5 jobs in search of their real identity. They want creativity, excitement and the freedom to build work around life not the other way around.  Written by Stephanie Dearlove

A recent study by the freelance platform Upwork suggests that 47% of hiring managers are more likely to hire an independent professional to carry out creative work. So where do we get the tools from to make these dreams a reality? Podcasts. Why? They bring to life great examples of inspiring and talented individuals who have pursued their dreams and ran off into the creatively- fulfilled sunset. Consuming content in this way is not only educational but entertaining and the conversations being had will resonate with you.

Stephanie Dearlove- Author

Listening to honest, reliable chat is an effective way to grow in confidence and get practical tips from those who’ve been there, done that and got the successful t-shirt. And the best bit? We can listen to them whilst washing up, walking the dog or on the daily commute. It is a streamlined education delivered straight to our ears. Let us show you some creative entrepreneurs who have changed their lives and have the potential to encourage you to do the same. 

Creative Rebels by David Speed and Adam Brazier 

Packed with interviews from inspiring entrepreneurs, this is the ultimate listen for those wanting practical and informative ideas on how to begin your creative journey. The two creators, David and Adam, encourage you to ‘rebel’ against the characteristic career path in pursuit of your own destiny. They run multiple businesses of their own and are now on a mission to help others do the same. Interviews from the likes of Charlie Dark and the award winning Tobi Shinobi are sure to get you geared up into kick-starting your very own creative career. Go on- be a rebel.

Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon 

The author of The Multi-Hyphen Method brings you an eclectic blend of prolific authors and creators from across the globe. Her curious nature means she gets the best out of everyone she interviews and opens our eyes to the possibilities of creating a 21st century career-one where you steer the engine through a multitude of streams to support your income, your way. Emma’s podcast has had over 7 million downloads to date, guiding you on carving a career out of your interests.

Squiggly Careers by Amazing If 

Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis are the co- presenters of The Squiggly Career Podcast- the No 1 UK careers podcast. As well as offering career development programmes through their company Amazing If, Helen and Sarah provide practical and encouraging advice on facing your fears, imposter syndrome and building confidence techniques for dealing with all things career-related. A fantastic listen for anyone struggling in the workplace or finding the strength to start a career from scratch.

Adapting To the New Now by Steph McGovern

Brought to you by NatWest, this new series of podcasts delves into current issues affecting you and your business, how to build your platform successfully online and how to roadmap a way to succeed and recover from lockdown in 2020. Steph speaks to a plethora of CEOs and creative founders in a bid to support you in marketing, confidence and adapting to the changes brought on by the pandemic.

Money 101 by Broccoli Content 

Broccoli is a podcast production company that aims to serve you content that is good for you (hence the name). It was founded as a direct response to the lack of minority talent and pledges to be transparent in their race and gender pay gap data. Their recent podcast

Money 101’ gives an interesting insight into current affairs, such as the BLM movement and Covid-19. They question whether we really are all in this together as politicians claim, unpicking the societal differences we are all facing and how this impacts our businesses and livelihoods.



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