A LGBTQ Guide To The Welcoming Malta


    With its incredible heritage spread across different eras, impeccable culture, perfect weather, and its breathtaking coastline , these are just few factors Malta has to offer. Malta has added further to its list by becoming one of the worlds leading country’s on LGBTQ rights and was the first European country to protect individuals from discrimination based on gender identity. Written by Nicola Wright 

    The country has moved forward in such a small space of time, with it being known to be one of the most religious countries in Europe until the country did a 180 degree turn and moved into the future. Allowing divorce to be legalised and to becoming one of the sought after destinations for the LGBTQ+ community. 

    Malta has since become a top hotspot destination for the LGBTQ community for several years now and has been expressed by individuals that Malta allows people to “live openly” and is one of the most gay friendly countries in the world. 

    From the calming relaxation vision to the colourful vibrant nightlife, Malta has it all. For a small nation of around 514,000 residents, the gay scene is visible and vibrant which attracts thousands of visitors coming back yearly and spreading the word for others to visit the beautiful country. 

    In the month of September normally sees the annual Malta Gay Pride being held, but unfortunately like the 500+ gay pride events that are held all over the world have all been cancelled due to global events in 2020. However this is not stopping holding smaller scale events for the LGBTQ+ community, as the organisers are currently on the search for event proposals which can be submitted by any individual as long as you reside in Malta.  If you wish to submit a proposal you can do so via this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSerRXKbsEdIzEE7TZksoOE90yqV6I3aV0Z5S5FLNFbYESnOpg/viewform

    From events, to its quieter dining experiences to the eclectic nightlife which is another strong factor for the LGBTQ community in Malta, with ample amount of options to enjoy a fun night out. I have listed just a few places not to be missed off your list. 

    Café del Mar Malta

    For a relaxing quieter evening vibe Café del Mar Malta has been named as the “place to be”. Situated on the waters edge offering breathtaking views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and St. Pauls Island, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a variety of cocktails with music surrounding the scene. 


    With a charming and contemporary atmosphere, Waterbiscuit meets all expectations. With its natural relaxed presence, at the bar you can enjoy fine dining and their hand crafted cocktail works of art or dines in their main restaurant with friends, it truly is a place not to be missed on your visit. 

    Two most popular clubs on the scene at the moment are:

    LollipopThe vibe for this club is one of the most popular. Serving a clubbing experience mixing disco music with house and providing that extra glittered touch.

    The club also sees regular DJ appearances from some of the well known names in London. 

    Michelangelo club LoungeThe only gay club on the island which is also the largest and spread over two state of the art floors, Perfect for all occasions and events. 

    One of the main factors that make your visit to any place in the world is your accommodation. To being in the centre of the happenings or a little further out, picking the right hotel is essential. Like any place you visit it is always worth your time researching, looking at various options around the centre location, where you will feel will be the most suitable area, to listening to advice and reading reviews on each hotel. Two hotels I have listed below offer a variation of differences but all have one thing in common, they are LGBTQ friendly. 

    Rosselli – Valletta 

    This unique, beautiful 5 star luxury hotel offers luxury, style and elegance located in the heart if the historic city of Valetta. 

    You will find comfort throughout every place in this beautiful hotel. With designer rooms and suites centred on historic detail; restaurants that include a Michelin star dining restaurant experience which was granted within the first 4 months of opening, to private dining experience you can experience at Grain restaurant. 

    With numerous facilities on offer one which is sure to make you fall even further in love is the rooftop terrace. A view which offers a panoramic view of the capitol city whilst taking in the sunshine and enjoying your favourite drink. 

    Ax the Palace 

    “Home is where the pool is” The Ax the palace hotel is located in the Sliema, twenty minutes away from Valletta. 

    Located in the heart of Malta’s shopping district, Ax the Palace has been designed to “have it all”. The 5 star hotel offers a classy, designer collection of comfortable rooms with the hotel being situated a few step way from eventful nightlife, eatery’s of all kinds and within close walking distance to the largest promenade on the island. 


    This hotel is a true gem –“Where hospitality meets fashion” 


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