Tips for Designing an Effective Retail Display

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Throughout the world, people have found themselves in situations where all that they can look at when walking down a town centre high street are the window displays of retail outlets that were temporarily closed due to lockdowns. This means that more than ever, the effectiveness of displays has become critical in attracting customer attention now that shops are able to open. Here are some top tips for designing an effective retail display.

Use Effective Lighting

Keep creative displays well-lit to draw attention to the products on show. Any retail displays without lighting can be easily missed and will fall flat, so ensure that you have the right equipment when setting up your display. Choose from a range of lighting such as a string of fairy lights hung loosely around a display or perhaps use up-lighting and back-lighting to enhance the sparkle of shiny products.


With the ongoing trend for sustainability and being more eco-conscious, customers love to see recycled products used in shops for a dramatic display. Think about using old and worn items such as chairs to hang clothes from or lay items over, and books to scatter around, creating a living room-like setting. This might look slightly vintage, although if it fits with your brand and philosophy, then have a go and see how your customers react.

Element of Surprise

Often, by upcycling an item, you can add an element of surprise that will have people reaching for their cameras and start them talking about your display. This can be as strange as using a bed as a backdrop or hanging a bicycle from the ceiling. Usually, the stranger the better if you want to surprise people and get them talking. Whatever the surprise, ensure that it communicates an idea and that the props support the display’s story and enhance the look of your products.


Display a range of products with some other complementary products to increase the amount that people purchase. By displaying a product such as a cardigan next to a matching handbag, customers can discover items that complement each other which they might not have considered buying if they had been found apart. Each time someone chooses to add a complementary product to their basket, you are increasing your sales revenue and enhancing the customer experience. If you want to improve your retail displays, award-winning experts such as CJ Retail Solutions can provide you with ideas about cross-merchandising and enhancing the look of your display.

Use Plants

By introducing plants into your retail outlet, customers will feel more relaxed and welcome, which both help to increase their time spent looking at your products. Not only will plants improve the

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