7 Things You’re Wasting Time On

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In spite of being a human invention, time is essential in day-to-day life. However, the wasting time is like a quick drive towards death, which in turn actually leads us to wasting more time, thinking about time – it’s a viscous circle of time wasting. This cycle can be easily seen before you go to sleep, when you have just enough time to remember your entire day in detail. What were you doing? Was this helpful or not? Did you get pleasure or did you just “eat time” without positive emotions and benefits? Did you do something wrong? In these last moments before we sleep, we waste precious time, thinking about time. 

Anxiety about what people think of you

The opinion of others matters only in one case: if this opinion will help you in work, personal life or self-development. This opinion is called an expert opinion. You can also consider a friendly opinion useful because it cannot be intrusive and carry in itself seeds of discord. But even in these cases, you need to be careful before asking for advice. It is important to protect yourself from the influence of other people’s opinions because they can stall the work, make it unbearable, and even turn life into hell. Remember, there’s no point in worrying about what people think about you. This is a senseless hassle that will not bring you anything. In the depths of your soul, you always know what you are doing right and what is not right.

Gossip about people

Great people criticise ideas, not other people. If you truly think you’re negative opinion is worthy of being said aloud, think again. There is no need for this and you’ll come across far better if you use your voice more wisely. Speak of ideas, talk positively about people and make plans, just don’t gossip.


How much time do you spend on envy? To stop comparing yourself to others completely is hard, but your personality will become far stronger for it. When we get caught up in envy, instead of focusing on growth, you are looking for the reasons for your insignificant situation. Do you want to become popular and powerful? Then participate in public projects, use the Internet or communication. Most people start from scratch before climbing to the top, and this is a big plus.You will always see a lot of people who have achieved success in one way or another, but none of these people are worthy of envy – other people’s achievements are not the absence of your own.

“Everything could be different!”

Yes, it could, but it turned out as it turned out. The world, if you did not know, reacts weakly to your thoughts and desires, it is as it is. If you do not accept reality, then it wipes it’s feet on your face. So accept reality, try to make it better and do not think that everything could be different – it takes a hell of a lot of time, which we already know we are wasting!

What you absorb

There are some things in life that we simply shouldn’t spend time on watching or reading. For example, there is no need to watch issues of criminal news – they do not provide any useful information, they just tell you that you live in a world of wilderness. Talk-shows are a waste of time in the absolute, in them, you will not find the truth, only a kind of similarity. Try to be attentive to the fact that you look, read, listen. Just remember that fragments of your personality are formed from the “consumable”, so if you watch the garbage, your personality will also be filled with this garbage.

Spending money to impress people

Money, like time, is abstract. Impress people in other ways – impress them with your knowledge, your kindness, your skills, but avoid wasting time by impressing them with money. One reason for this, is money is not forever. You may be rich one week, but the next it could disappear. Then what happens to the people you impressed with your money? They disappear too.

When you ask other people to do your work

You still do not understand that this is useless? First, you can not do your job better if you delegate it to another. Secondly, when you do not do everything yourself, then you become dependent on the performers – they can twist you as they want. We are not at all independent. 

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Featured image by Jim Pennucci

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