8 Secret facts about the Royal Pavilion garden

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Robert Hill-Snook, who is the Head Gardener at the Royal Pavilion has shared eight facts which you are unlikely to know about the gardens! After understanding all the care and attention that goes into these gardens, you can see why they don’t want people drinking alcohol there.


  1. The Pavilion Garden is the only completely restored Regency Garden in the Country
  2. The garden is inspired by the countryside, in a is a style that is called nature assisted
  3.  The grass is kept long to keep in line with Regency principle, and the garden holds many native plants. This means that it is a haven for wildlife 
  4. The garden is managed on completely organic principles, which means that no weed killers or pesticides are used 
  5. A Monarch Butterfly has recently been spotted in the garden
  6. The groups of flowers are placed to act as jewels against the evergreens and are mostly single flowers, which makes it easier for insects to gather pollen
  7. The garden created in the early 1800’s, which was the beginning of the great plant hunters. For this reason, there are new introductions of plants called exotics, but no modern hybrid. The plants are from Asia and America
  8. The garden is cared for by a garden manager and an assistant, as well as a group of dedicated volunteers 
Monarch butterfly

Pavillion Garden volunteers celebrate 25 years!

The volunteers who work on the garden play a crucial part in maintaining the wildlife and welcoming visitors. This year they are celebrating their 25th anniversary!

Over the summer months, visitors are invited to find out more about the Royal Pavilion, the garden and surrounding buildings from one of the 26 volunteer Garden Greeters. You can meet the team by  watching this short video.

All the volunteers learn about the history of the Estate, gardens and surrounding buildings. These dedicated people offer you the opportunity to learn about the ‘behind the scenes’ and learning more about the place. They also have up to date information to share with visitors about what’s on across the Estate over summer.

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