Enjoy a Brighton summer the healthy way


The iconic Brighton summer has arrived! Along come beaches heaving with swimwear clad Brits shallow frying in salty air. Staple activities during the Brighton summer include: boozing, brunching, and avoiding whichever windowless gym one might have a membership for. Who am I to judge?Featured image © Brad t travel guides

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This summer culture in Brighton can often take a toll on your health. If you’re finding yourself feeling lethargic and unwholesome here are 5 alternative things to do that will make it easy to resist the sweet siren calls of the pub gardens and ice cream parlours.

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5 health conscious things to do in Brighton


1. Lunch in the Lanes

You don’t have to starve yourself to stay healthy this summer. I would, however, reccommend avoiding the fish and chips on the seafront not just for your health but also for your safety. Brighton seagulls are notorious for their brazen attitude and chip thieving ways. Instead go for platefuls of colourful veggies at one of Brighton’s independent cafes in the Lanes. There are some particularly lovely options along Kensington Street and Gardner Street. Just be careful not to get seduced by the triple tier chocolate gateaux making eyes at you from across the road!

2. Yoga

It’s not rocket science. Stretching and movement makes us feel good. Lucky for us, we’re never more than a stone’s throw away from a yoga studio in Brighton. Take the plunge and try a class. If you want something more relaxing I would suggest Yin Yoga (beware of falling asleep – I discovered the hard way!) and for something more challenging try Vinyasa Yoga.

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3. Tennis in Queens Park

Feeling inspired by Wimbledon? There are plenty of courts on offer around Brighton and Hove that won’t cost you a penny if you book before 10 am. My personal favourite are the Queens Park courts, as they are surrounded by gorgeous shrubbery (so no one can witness my terrible backhand!).

4. Walk from Brighton racecourse to Lewes

This is a long walk over the green hills of the downs surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. It takes about three hours. If you want a half-way house I would recommend stopping in rural Kingston for a refreshing pit stop. You can be sure you will have earned yourself a slap up meal once you reach the beautiful town of Lewes. Then hop on the train home or if you’re really hardcore you could walk back.

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5. Take a meditation or mindfulness class

Your mental health is important too. Check in with yourself whether this is at a creative yet meditative life drawing class or a guided stress relieving mindfulness course. Brighton has got loads to choose from in this area. Alternatively, you could take yourself to one of the cities many relaxing locations and follow a guided meditation course online for your own personal solo mission.

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With all of Brighton’s weird and wonderful happenings there is always something to do that will keep you out of the pub. Hopefully these 5 things will inspire you to take the plunge and try something new to help you enjoy the summer in Brighton and take care of your well-being. No more excuses!


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