A Match Made in Model Management: The New Brighton Modelling Agency

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They say Brighton is the city with the most attractive residents, and now those findings can be put to the test with a brand new Brighton based modelling agency. The agency was launched in October by Inger Moss and her photographer friend Stef Kerswell. Moss isn’t exactly a common surname and for those wondering, Inger Moss is in fact the stepmother of one of the world’s most famous supermodels, Kate Moss.

Kate and Lottie Moss (who is also a model)

Inger Moss launched MK Model Management with Stef Kerswell after being introduced through a mutual friend Sophie Corbett (yes, the daughter of Ronnie Corbett) who owns a fashion boutique in Victoria Street. Ms Kerswell told The Argus “Hopefully we can give Brighton and Hove the modelling agency it deserves. People are always having to travel to London, we want to keep the talent here. And who knows, we might unearth the next Kate Moss…it’s very much trial and error at this stage, I suppose, and in Brighton and Hove it’s much more commercial rather than high fashion. Brighton doesn’t have a lot of that about, so hopefully we can tap into that market…the majority of models are signed exclusively to us and we’ve got more and more coming in all the time. We need to crack on after Christmas and really get our teeth stuck into it and hopefully it will go from strength to strength”.

Already boasting an impressive portfolio of gorgeous models, MK Model Management are scouting for models to represent. With their connections in the modelling and photography industry, the new Brighton modelling agency is set to be a huge success.


Holly Martin


featureimage: SolveSundbo

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