Beauty Habits to Take Up in 2016

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I’m the first person to admit I have some truly horrifying beauty habits. However, I doubt everyone reading this washes their make-up brushes regularly, or knows mascara has an expiry date or even takes their make-up off before bed every night. Taking care of your skin is important so here are some beauty resolutions you can make this year, they won’t take much, but they will make a world of difference.

Clean out your make-up bag: Go do it, right now. If you can’t remember buying a product, get rid of it. If you can’t find an expiry date on a cream or cleanser, look for a symbol that resembles an open cream container. The number on it indicates the amount of months the product will last for after opened, so 12M means that the product will last for twelve months after opening.

Wash your makeup brushes: I cannot stress how important this is, and how often I do not do it. Make-up brushes are really disgusting, and not washing them can cause a massive build-up of bacteria which can be terrible for your skin. You should really clean your brushes every one to two weeks. Use either a brush cleanser, or baby shampoo and then leave them to air-dry.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise: This is especially important during winter, but so many of us for-go it for whatever reason. Using an in-shower moisturiser will save time and hassle post-shower but will have the same effect.

Give yourself a deep clean: Like houses, and laptop keyboards, a deep clean can make a world of difference. A deep cleansing face and hair mask will do wonders for your hair and skin. Not only will it bring out all the yucky stuff instant face wash and conditioners fail to get rid of, it also doubles up as some me-time.

Take your makeup off before bed: Even Kim Kardashian is guilty of falling asleep with makeup on but it is terrible for your skin, and leaving eye makeup on over-night can leave you prone to eye infections. If you are really rubbish at remembering to take your makeup off, keep some remover wipes by your bed for a quick sweep before your head hits the pillow.



Holly Martin

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