Sascha Cooper Tells Us What’s in Store for 2016

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Everyone would love a glimpse into the future, particularly at the start of the year. We spoke to our resident psychic medium Sascha Cooper about what she can predict is in store for Brighton and Hove this year.

What’s in store for Brighton and Hove in 2016?3398_10151186884747821_2117928873_n

The main thing I can feel for Brighton and Hove is further prosperity. 2016 is a year of change, it feels like this is the year in which any particular risk or paths that need to be undertaken in whatever circumstances you’re in, now is the time to take them. We really need to see change. Any issues that need to be resolved, now is a good time to do so. If we go further the year, for some reason I can see more of a settling in terms of political action, I can see a different slant in the arts sector. The arts sector is going to take a different turn in the sense that there’s some shift in terms of creativity. It needs to be chased up on, I keep getting the fact that artists and actors are going to cross over at some point. On top of that I can see the Brighton Fringe festival being bigger and better than last year. The summer is coming through loud and clear, it’s a time for tourism, booms in businesses but I see small businesses having a bigger chance this year instead of larger commercial chains. This is also the year for big differences. If you have a project you want to shine, if you have a different take on how you see commercialism, retail or the arts, this is the chance to really make a difference. Rather than competition, it’s about working together in the community. Any existing relationships people have at this time are also going to be deepened rather strongly, so any grudges that have been brought up over the Christmas period, resolve them quickly. I also feel that Brighton is going to become more ‘London-by-the-Sea’ than usual this year. 2016 is a busy year for the self-employed or freelancers. Pace yourselves, it’s going to be very busy energy wise, so keep your feet firmly on the ground and keep doing what you’re doing.

What’s in store for Bell, Book and Candle this year?

We’ve got a new website, we are also going to be more involved with social media and we’re getting more videos done in terms of promos. This is tying in with the big changes, it’s an exciting time for the shop.


You can find Sascha at Bell, Book and Candle Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays’ from 11am. You book a twenty minute, thirty minute or an hour session. To find out more you can visit their Facebook page which also has a price list. You can also read our previous interview with Sascha here.


Holly Martin

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