‘A Play About Art, Told By Art’

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We often hear that art speaks to us. However, we don’t always think they mean it literally does speak to us but that’s exactly what this Fringe production does. ‘Un-Titled’ is a ‘a play about art, told by art’ written by Katy Matthews and directed by Judey Bignell.

‘Nearing her 80th year, Gert has accumulated a lot of regret. Now she must do verbal battle with a bust of a Roman general, a Laughing Cavalier print and an overly emotional cubist portrait. Will she finally come to terms with her past, or fall apart completely?’. ‘Un-Titled’ will be like nothing anyone has ever seen before, and it’s an absolute must for well, everyone. Katy has stage-managed and written for the Rialto classic ‘The Treason Show’ and was short-listed for the Windsor Fringe One Act Drama Award and the Sussex Playwrights Radio Play Award.

Judey has directed, acted and written for local theatre company, Cast Iron and wrote and directed the University of Sussex Drama Society’s pantomime. The show is the debut production from Artlandish Productions and aims to throw of some of the pretensions and preconceptions that surround art; ‘Although we cannot always hope to overcome some of the more practical obstacles such as financial considerations, we can challenge some of the ideological and psychological ones that the visual arts throw up. Why are some works of art considered more ‘worth’ than others, and what does that even mean? The play encourages its spectators to embrace its own subjectivity in this regard. Audience members are asked to question their own preconceived views on art and to address the compromises we may make and the opportunities we embrace in choosing to adopt a ‘creative’ way of life’

The play will be on throughout the month of May, every Sunday at 3pm. For more information you can go to the Rialto Theatre website. You can also find out more about Artlandish Productions here.


Holly Martin




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