Humans of Brighton – Javier the Dreamer

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I met Javier among the gusty winds of the nearby beach and the hammering construction noises erupting out of the front of Churchill Square.

Hi I’m Javier,

What do you want out of life? What do you mean?

What are your dreams? I’d like not to work anymore – that’s my dream, for sure. I’d also like to become a general manager – or something important like that – in retail.

How would you describe yourself? A party person and a fine person, a good friend to my friends, a hard worker.

How long have you been living in Brighton? Two years and err, two months now.

What attracted you to Brighton? Well, I came here because a friend of mine lives here. Since I moved to Brighton I’ve met the nicest people, it’s really nice in the city in the summer, for me it’s a kind of island within all of England, you know?

Where’s your favourite place in Brighton? Pavilion Park, for sure, I love lying on the grass in the summer, and having fun with friends and enjoying the atmosphere.

What makes Brighton special for you? The mood of the people, you know? It’s different, it’s not as stressful as other places like London, you can go walking every day, everywhere, and you can meet happier people here. It’s happier here.

The noise of the nearby construction work dissipated and was replaced by our happy laughter when Javier twirled his moustache before his photo was taken. 

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Words, photo, interview by Marc Kis

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