Airbnb Listings Just Under a Third of the Size of Brighton’s Hotel Sector

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Airbnb has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. It often gives guests the opportunity to find far cheaper rooms, often in places where there is no viable form of accommodation. It also gives hosts a chance to utilise their properties, and make some financial gains themselves. However, despite having some definite positives, it is often criticised.

The company are believed to be undermining the hotel industry, while also pushing housing prices up. If you believe this to be the case, then you will be dismayed at the current growth of the company in the local area.

Airbnb listings in Brighton are now 30% of the size of the city’s hotel sector. Only London has a greater percentage, with 32%. The research which revealed these staggering results was carried out by accountancy firm Moore Stephens.

Moore Stephens’ director, Peter Duffy, spoke of the company’s growing prominence: “Airbnb is increasingly taking market share from hotels. Hotel groups say this because Airbnb can bypass industry regulations allowing it to undercut the formal industry.”

However, Airbnb staunchly defend their market upheaval, believing that they positively contribute: “The UK travel industry is stronger than ever and experts agree that Airbnb is only helping to grow and diversify tourism… Last year alone, this put £657 million in the pockets of UK families and boosted the UK economy by almost £3.5billion.”

Whatever your opinion on the company, the tourism industry has been indefinitely changed, and they will without a doubt continue their growth.

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