Amendments to the councils employment procedure helps ensure more jobs for refugees

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After an intervention between Green councillors last week, refugees in Brighton may be given more help from Brighton and Hove City Council when trying to find work in the city.

Council chiefs were asked to look at ways in which they can support the employment of refugees during a debate on the council as an employer.

Officials were also urged to work more closely with certain community groups in order to distinguish and address the variety of barriers that refugees may face when applying for work with BHCC.

It is thought that many of the refugees that arrive in Brighton and Hove to live and work are highly experienced and educated, yet unfortunate circumstances have left them out of work and with difficulty to progress with any employment.

However, there is now hope with the recent amendment to the council’s employment procedures that with a new degree of flexibility, that refugees will be recognised and considered when amongst other applicants for job postings.

This move from the council will also be a positive way for the council to reflect it’s own community; one that is accepting and welcoming of refugees in our ‘City of Sanctuary’.

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