Arguments Continue Over Use Of Outside The City Homeless Housing

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The recent disagreements and expected resolutions regarding the housing of Brighton’s homeless population in outside accommodation has resulted in legal action now being consulted to remedy the issue.

The main area of the dispute continues to centre around the use of one particular housing accommodation, Kendal Court in Newhaven, which was the location where eight residents who were not properly cared for passed away between 2016 and 2018.

The accommodation has been declared by the East Sussex County Council to be an inappropriate place for people who have more complex needs and therefore the Brighton and Hove City Council have been neglecting the homeless population who are placed in these facilities and writing their death sentences.

The reports from both the coroners in charge of the bodies and an independent body support this assertion that they were not able to be properly cared for.

The issue has been continuously noted at the meetings of the East Sussex Health and Wellbeing board, attended by local councillors, senior officials and NHS leading professionals from across the whole of the area.

The complaint comes as an astonishing 30% of the Brighton residents placed in emergency accommodation were placed in Eastbourne and Lewes, in locations including Kendal Court.

This number is believed to be over 200 people.

As a result of this issue, Council leaders from both sides have held meetings with a subsequent meeting set to occur between the legal representatives of both councils.

The meeting between councillors was believed to lead to Brighton acknowledging some kind of problem, but not actually understanding just how difficult the issue was, with the fact that people were being sent off to die in other areas is not an appropriate action to take.

A review of Kendal Court has seen that much more needs to be done, and that anyone who has any complex needs should not be placed in the building

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Photo Credit: Jon Tyson

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