Athletes and CBD: the benefits of cannabis in sports

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Following the liberalization of the sale of light cannabis, attention is increasingly focused on cannabidiol, also known as CBD. This substance brings unique health benefits from a psycho-physical point of view. This is not the only application of the product; there are many concrete uses of CBD in cosmetics but also in textiles, agriculture and even in construction or the renewable energy sector.We have often talked about the benefits of cannabinoids and how they interact with our endocannabinoid system, but today we would like to focus on CBD in sports.

As previously mentioned, CBD (“cannabidiol”) is one of the cannabinoids present on the hemp flower, but, unlike the well-known THC, it has no psychotropic effect. Recently, there has been a growing interest in the therapeutic potential of CBD, and there are numerous articles on the web that talk about its possible applications.

Scientific journals of a certain caliber such as Science have also begun to publish some writings on CBD and cannabis, emphasizing, however, that studies on hemp are still few and that research should be implemented.

Besides, CBD is now legal in Europe and UK, so you can use it without breaking the law. To learn more about CBD legal status, click here.

Why should athletes take high CBD cannabis?

But let’s get to us. Why could CBD and cannabis, in general, be helpful in sports? After a hard workout, many athletes, even professionals, feel tired, achy and perhaps a little nauseous. Cannabis can come to their rescue because it has many beneficial properties, which help to fight:

  • Pain and muscle spasms: CBD is a natural pain reliever and antispasmodic and helps relieve pain, muscle spasms and cramps;


  • Inflammation: Cannabinoids are powerful anti-inflammatories and exert their effects through the induction of apoptosis (programmed cell death), the inhibition of cell proliferation, the suppression of cytokines (protein molecules that are often associated with chronic pain) and induction of regulatory T cells (Treg). It allows the body to regenerate itself more quickly and helps reduce physical recovery times;


  • Problems related to sleep: CBD and CBN, and CBC help fight insomnia and fatigue, as they induce a pleasant feeling of relaxation in the body. For this reason, it is essential to take products that have the full spectrum of cannabinoids (such as the CBD oils available in our shop), to have the so-called “entourage effect”;


  • Nausea: Numerous studies have shown that cannabis, thanks to its anti-emetic properties, helps fight nausea and vomiting better than other drugs such as the more common phenothiazines.

Cannabinoids continue to be studied, and recent research is focusing on the neuroprotective effects of CBD on the brain, especially concerning the possibility of treating concussions due to sports-related trauma. On the other hand, the positive effects of CBD on anxiety and stress are already well known, so for athletes suffering from performance anxiety, cannabis could turn out to be a useful ally.

Here are some examples of US professional athletes who regularly use CBD:


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  • Eugene Monroe—former American football player of the National Football League. Monroe was the first professional football player to fight for the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, pointing out that using CBD to treat chronic pain is a much healthier alternative to opioids, which are commonly prescribed. Monroe, both during her career and after retirement, continued to use CBD to relieve the discomfort of various traumas she suffered while playing.


  • Derrick Morgan—American football player of the National Football League. Morgan said she uses CBD regularly as an integral part of her training. His interest in CBD grew, especially after discovering that studies had shown CBD’s benefits on brain health and its ability to protect the brain from trauma.


  • Yair Rodriguez—mixed martial arts fighter at the UFC. Rodriguez explained that CBD oil allows him to cut recovery times in half between workouts. He also noticed an essential improvement in the quality of sleep, which is why he is one of the many athletes to recommend CBD.


The CBD from, primarily if used regularly, provides multiple benefits for post-workout recovery and improves their sports performance. It is also a 100% natural product, which, currently, has no known contraindications or side effects.

We hope that research on cannabinoids will continue to evolve and that the reputation of this plant, which since ancient times has continued to be very useful for humans, will be “cleaned up”.

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