Boundary Festival A Huge Success Following Increased Police Presence

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Although police presence was increased at this years event, only eight arrests needed to be made at the festival which involved upwards of 10,000 atendees.

As previously covered, armed officers were in attendance of the Boundary Music Festival, an annual event at held at Stanmer Park, where they patrolled, thankfully without having to be called upon.

Sussex police say that the event had passed without incident, with misbehaviour resulting in just eight drug related arrests.

Police presence included plain-clothes officers and armed police as well as specially trained dogs, all aiming at keeping those in attendance at the festival safe.

Although drugs amnesty boxes were set up at the entrances, many still managed to get through searches and into the festival with their chosen substances.

The line of causality here will, like in most cases, be forever unknown. Did an increased police presence keep the event safer than it would otherwise have been? We can’t be sure, but one thing we do know is that this years festival went down well with organisers, security officials, and attendees alike.

Superintendent Paul Betts said: “We worked with the organisers and partner agencies to plan for this music festival. There were a few issues at the end of the evening with people not being able to get taxis and we are feeding this back to the organisers for consideration next year.

“Other than a small number of people who were arrested, most people had a fun and safe day.”

Claire Potter, a tired yet jubilant attendee of the festival, tweeted: “I’ve danced over a half marathon today in steps apparently. In steel toecap boots too. Legs burning already.”

Via: Minamie (flickr)
Via: Minamie (flickr)

Promoter Matt Priest had this to say: “It was a fantastic day with no major issues.

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“The only downside was we had a bit of rain which meant the condition underfoot became a bit tricky.

“In the next couple of days we will be working to get everything done to get the ground in Stanmer Park back to how it should be.

“Everybody left the site safely within an hour thanks to working closely with Brighton and Hove Buses.

“The queues for taxis were bigger than we hoped but on the whole co-operation between everyone was excellent.

“The event has been really well received in the first two years so we really hope to be back again next year and will be sitting down with the council and police as soon as possible to look at some dates.”

A Sussex Police spokesperson added: “Boundary Festival was a safe event for all those who attended.

“A total of eight individuals were arrested, all on suspicion of drug-related offences.”

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