Brighton-based alchemy: dance legends team up with local artist to produce a summer mix of ‘Turn Around’

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In a time of sparse good news and a distinct lack of movement in the local events industry, here is an uplifting story which starts and ends in Brighton. It involves an upbeat song by a legend of the UK music scene, reworked by a vocalist with all the makings of a future star, masterminded by a likeable entrepreneur. Here’s the lowdown on a stripped back version of the twenty-year-old floor-filling classic ‘Turn Around.’ Featured Image © Liquorice Dragon Records 

Brighton Journal has been given an exclusive insight into the story behind rising local singer-songwriter LazerGirl, who is signed to Brighton-based label Liquorice Dragon Records, which was founded by the prolific Sussex entrepreneur and businessman Steve Barrey. Steve is a friend of ours, he kindly donated to and helped to raise the profile of our successful Crowdfunder campaign back in late 2019. It was a pleasure to receive news of Steve’s latest venture and the Brighton-centric nature of it. 

Image © Licourice Dragon Records

The strikingly named Liquorice Dragon Records, was conceived during a relaxing trip to Marbella, when Steve first came across the label’s star attraction, LazerGirl. Fast forward to the summer of 2020 and a team of experts have helped to create a unique sound which would perfectly suit that other great European destination for sun and sounds – Ibiza. Don’t take our word for it – open your Spotify, sit back and take yourself away to the Balearics… 

LazerGirl covers ‘Turn Around’ by Phats and Small

Now that you’ve soaked up the laid back plucking, gliding strings and hushed vocals from LazerGirl, you’ll want to know more about her. Her personal journey started off in Russia but she also takes huge inspiration from the Ibiza chill out vibe to inform her sound – all of which has led her to Brighton, and a shot at success whilst still in her early twenties. Her songwriting path started at the age of twelve when she penned her first tune and received encouraging support in her hometown. What about the idiosyncratic stage name? In her own words “my appearance is eye-catching and hypnotising, you can’t miss it,” and it certainly had the desired effect on two legends of the UK dance scene…


Image © Licourice Dragon Records

Brightonians of a certain age (this writer included) will remember the original electronic classic ‘Turn Around’ by British duo Phats and Small, which hit number two in the UK charts just before the turn of the millennium. Co-producer Russell Small, still a popular figure here on the south coast, was also a member of another blockbusting dance act, Freemasons. Along with Steve Mac, formerly of The Rhythm Masters, Russell was an instant fan of LazerGirl, and Mac added a sprinkle of stardust to her production and events have now come full circle with the release of LazerGirl’s very own take on Small’s timeless pop anthem. Incidentally, Steve Mac also co-produced another LazerGirl single ‘Dead at First Sight’ whose title was inspired by one of our favourite sons and another friend Brighton Journal – the author Peter James. 

It all adds up to a Brighton success story – enthusiastic and talented individuals coming together to produce a sonic alchemy – and we’d encourage you to complete the cycle by listening to LazerGirl’s back catalogue and looking out for her in the future.

LazerGirl Facebook page 

LazerGirl Official

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