Brighton Children Smoking To Look “Cool”

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Brighton and Hove have the highest number of child smokers in the country.

According to NHS Digital data, 14.9 percent of 15 year olds smoke in this area smoke.

The statistics show that some children aged as young as 11 admitted to smoking at least one cigarette. More accurately 18% of secondary school pupils between 11 and 15 admit to this.

The study of this data by Vapourlites, found that children of this age group felt pressure to smoke, 85 percent claiming that they smoke “to look cool”.

MD of Vapourlites, Charles Bloom says that these results prove there is a need for more preventative measures; “We are yet to surpass smoking as an issue and so often it starts with young people – it would be foolish to overlook it.”

Brighton and Hove City Council advise young people aged 12 to 16 to contact a stop smoking advisor at their local pharmacies who will offer anonymity, advice and medication or nicotine replacement therapy based on their situation. This service is free to anyone under the age of 16.

Visit their virtual map here to find the nearest help centre to you.




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