Brighton and Hove ranked top ten in UK’s ‘healthiest’ high streets

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Brighton and Hove has been rated in the top ten as one of the UK’s healthiest high streets judged by the nature of the shops on offer.


The research was conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) in which Brighton and Hove were placed at seventh in the UK for its high street positively impacting public health.


Those ranked in the top ten could have two and a half years added to your life compared to those in the bottom ten in the UK, according to the RSPH report.


Shirley Cramer CBE Chief Executive, RSPH, said: “At a time when the high street is struggling and every week brings news of another household name going into administration, it is time for a fresh look at what the high street means to us and what it might be like in the future.”


With over 80% of the UK population living in urban areas, the report focuses on the cultural make-up of the high street, and which outlets have a positive and negative effect on our health.


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Shops branded unhealthy by the society are payday lenders, bookmakers, tanning salons and fast food restaurants, and those favoured include libraries, pharmacies, dentists, opticians, leisure centres and strangely pubs and bars.


Ms Cramer also said planning can ensure making the healthy choice is the easiest option, but health needs to be an intrinsic, central consideration in the planning process for this to succeed.


The city with the healthiest high street was Edinburgh with Grimsby recognised for its unhealthiest high street culture.


Brighton and Hove City Council release an annual report on public health to analyse the city’s efforts in protecting the health and wellbeing of its residents.


Last year’s report discussed how unhealthy behaviour from young people in the city required action for change.


Back in 2007, Brighton was named the UK’s healthiest city in accordance with the number of health food stores, yoga and exercise classes available.


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