Brighton Lets Hop On The Aerial Yoga Trend


Aerial Yoga is extremely popular with fitness gurus, and healthy lifestyle activists. As much as I am a yoga enthusiast, even hot yoga lover I have never considered aerial yoga. It seems out of my league and something that should be left to professionals. However Brighton and Hove have many places which offer it and if like me you are curious here are some places which you can check it out…

Hot Yoga South Brighton – At Bikram Yoga Brighton they offer hour long aerial yoga classes. The address is 26-28 Franklin Road, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 1AF. If you want more info click here.

Brighton Youth Centre – On Edward Street you can start an aerial yoga course of 6 weeks. For more information see here.

The Circle – Along with a variety of other classes such as hot yoga, spin and pilates they offer aerial yoga at their north street facility in Portslade. For more information visit their website.

Moonflete Fitness – In partnership with Unity they will provide aerial yoga workshops at the studios on Lewes Road. You will need to book in advance so click here.


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