Brighton MP Caroline Lucas Condemns Conservative Vote Against Universal Credit

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Caroline Lucas has condemned the actions of the Conservative party following a recent vote on keeping the current £20 addition to Universal Credit.

The only current Green Party Member to serve as an elected MP, Lucas has spoken out as backbenchers from the Tories were advised to abstain from the vote in order to prevent it from going through.

Speaking on Politics Live, the Brighton Pavilion MP scolded the government for failing to provide to those most in need, as they look to pay back the price of the Coronavirus pandemic by penalising those who are the poorest and least able to afford to do so.

This incident follows many well publicised events such as the current free school meals fiasco and highlights a glaring issue as Boris Johnson and his party continue to strip away the policies in place to help those on the breadline, whilst framing these issues as political rather than the social and humanitarian conditions they are.

The prime minister when asked blamed the situation on the Labour party for using the causes to incite hatred.

Despite his own actions appearing more in line with those of former president Donald Trump, Johnson also went as far as to accuse the opposition of utilising methods of hatred and bullying like what has been seen across the Atlantic.

Such behaviour was categorised as misrepresentation by Momentum and other pro-labour supporters who lied to intimidate and threaten predominantly female conservative colleagues.

Labour responded by calling such actions and accusations ‘pathetic’.

This controversy comes as Caroline Lucas and the Good Law Project continue to challenge the government over failure to disclose over £3bn in private contracts to provide pandemic relief supplies through political affiliates lacking the necessary experience to do so.

The current legal action against the Conservative government continues, with questions looming over if corruption and backhand deals have been made by Boris Johnson, potentially making him responsible for the thousands of lives lost due to ineffective and incorrect PPE supplies alongside other vital equipment.

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