Brighton named UK’s most relaxing city

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Credit: Campsites

A new study has confirmed what Brighton locals have always known: Brightonians are great at chilling…

A survey, by Premier Inn, has compared the population of each city with the amount of green space, spas and yoga studios to calculate how much scope each city had for residents to relax, and found Brighton to be the most chilled out place in the UK.

It’s no surprise Brighton came up top if yoga studios were involved in the calculations.  The city is bursting with opportunities to take part in the ancient form of exercise, with 103 yoga studios with a population of 229 700. To put that into context, London has 213, with a population of over 8 million.

Though not measured by the survey, residents also attest to the beaches, great selection of restaurants and pubs as making the small seaside city a great place to live.

Brighton was also named Britain’s happiest city in nationwide surveys conducted in 2019 and 2017.

Here is the full ranking from the study:

1. Brighton

2. Oxford

3. Newcastle

4. Southampton

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5. Bournemouth

6. York

7. Edinburgh

8. Glasgow

9. Bath

10. Manchester

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