Brighton Pride To Go Ahead Despite Concern  

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The organisers of the city’s biggest LGBTQIA+ festival have confirmed that the event will go ahead in August despite vocal public concern.


The decision has been met by opposition from local residents who believe it to be irresponsible due to the vast amounts of people that will be drawn to very limited spaces mere months after the end of the pandemic lockdown.


Last year’s event, a monumental 30th anniversary of the first Brighton Pride was cancelled due to the restrictions placed on the country due to coronavirus.


While legally allowed, the key issue is the fact that much of the country will still be at high levels of risk with spikes almost guaranteed once the country comes back together.


Such remnants of the virus mean that there is continued resistance to any kinds of gatherings, with public fear at the possibility of future lockdowns splitting families once again causing hesitance to return to normal.


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While first dose vaccinations are expected to have been administered by the time of the festival it is also noted that many will not have received their second vaccination.


As science also suggests, vaccines are not completely effective with a reported 52% effectiveness reported from the first injection of the Pfizer vaccine.


There is however a very close bond between the city and the LGBTQIA+ community, with Brighton being considered the capital of the UK for such residents – it is thought 11-15% of current citizens within the region identify as either gay, lesbian or bisexual.


The organisers state that due to the huge importance of the event for the city and community that the event will go ahead with regular review through strategic partners and in co-operation with Brighton and Hove City Council.


Safety and security will be paramount, and therefore early booking is advised due to the high levels of interest that is being seen.


The event set to take place on August 6th-8th has already rolled over the majority of the 20,000 plus tickets sold for the cancelled 2020 event with sales expected to rise once restriction relief is confirmed.




Photo Credit: Toni Reed

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