Brighton Residents Amongst Friendliest in The Country

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As we all know, Brighton is an amazing place to live – from amazing people and a relaxed atmosphere, to great events and a gorgeous beach, this city ticks all the boxes. However, a recent poll has confirmed what we already know to be true: Brighton residents are amongst the most friendly people in the UK!


The poll, commissioned by YouGov, focussed on how well residents in different cities get on with their neighbours in their bid to find out the friendliest place to live in the UK. An impressive 85% of people living in Brighton are on first name basis with their neighbours, in comparison to 75% of people in Manchester – so much for Northerners being more friendly.


The research, which was carried out in five major UK cities including Bristol, Newcastle and London, also set out to find out how trusting the people of these locations were. Interestingly, whilst a whopping half of Brighton residents are trusting enough to give their neighbour access to their home via a set of spare keys, their pets are a different matter entirely. A measly 2% of people would consider entrusting their furry friends to a neighbour, putting the city at the bottom of all of those included in the poll.


However, whilst trust may not be a huge factor in most neighbourly relationships, it appears that a lot of people would like to change that. On average, 2 in 5 people would like to build upon the relationship they already have with their neighbours and interact more with those living nearby.


The results of this survey are pretty clear, and confirm what we already know to be true – Brighton is up there with one of the best places to live in the country! Whilst we are just knocked off the top spot on the friendliest scale by Bristol, they don’t have our stunning beach, nor the amazing accepting nature that can only be found in Brighton!


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To see the full breakdown of results, please click here.


Featured image by Martyn Gorman.

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