Brighton Street Fashion – Crazy Hairstyles!

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Brighton is colourful in so many ways. I met some people on the street and discover cool Hairstyles!

Jemma, 28, from London but now living in Brighton. She was relaxing at the beach enjoying a sunny day with her mum. Her Hair is a real eye-catcher! “I love bright colours and that’s why I dye it like this”. She really loves the Brighton nightlife and works in her favourite club Apocalypse at Envy.

I met Diana at her Lunch Break in the North Laine. She is 28 years old, she hales from Spain but has lived in Brighton since she was 3 years old. She loves the Lanes where she got her jacket from. “I often go shopping in The Lanes but I also shop in the “normal” Stores. Like my sunglasses I got from TK Max, I really like Brighton and the people here because they don’t judge you.” Her Hairstyle is her own creation and she did it her self.


Jade (1)

This is Jade, 24, from Winchester. She was here for a day. She’s wearing clothes from French connection, Anthropologie and the accessories are from charity shops. “I really love the beach here in Brighton.”

Jade’s message to the world: “be yourself”.

This is Clair, 22, from Glasglow but has lived in Brighton for 2 years. Usually she buys her clothes from charity shops in Brighton. The Top she bought just a few minutes before I met her. “I was wearing a long sleeve shirt before, but it was too warm, so I bought this T-Shirt”. Her favourite shop is The Cotswold Outdoor in Western Road where she does a work placement. Today is her day off and she spends it shopping and meeting friends.

Clair’s message to the world: “Just do it”.


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I met Sophie, 18, with her friend in The North Laine. She’s from Southhampton and this is her first time in Brighton. “We really like the Lanes and the independent shops. We haven’t seen shops like this before and they are very beautiful. Brighton is really personal and colourful”, they said to me. Her favourite Store is Urban Outfitters – where her jacket is from.

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