Brighton Street Fashion! Shamelessly Snazzy

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Variety, liberality, diversity. Never the same. Never boring. It’s Brighton.


Abbie, 20 originally from “somewhere near Oxford” studies illustration at Brighton & Sussex University.  “Love it. Brighton’s so cool. Music, art, people. Love it. I’ve met some amazing people.” Abbie says that if she were an animal, she’d be a deer because it’s her favourite animal “I don’t know, they’re really shy and they move really calmly. They’re really elegant. Not that I’m elegant but you know!” Abbie got her lovely black velvety jacket from a charity shop. “I don’t like to shop in high street chaine shops really. But I don’t really shop that often. I like to pick up nice things when I see them, I don’t go on shopping sprees.” Abbie did say that Zara would be one of the best chaine shops though, in her opinion!

Abbie’s message to humanity: “Love everyone.”


Ella, 20, from Canterbury studies illustration with Abbie at Brighton & Sussex University. Ella loves Brighton because “there’s always something to do! I think living with people my own age rather than my parents makes a big difference too! I can be quite free and with everything there is to do… I love to be next to the sea anyway, so all good stuff!” If Ella were an animal, she’d want to be a red squirrel or a red fox. “Because my hair is kind of redish and I used to be ginger when I was younger.” Ella does a lot of her shopping at charity shops. “I have quite a bit of my mum’s old stuff too! I do shop a lot at places like Zara and Urban Outfitters as well, I must admit.” Her marvellous stripy trousers were a purchase from Zara, in the summer in case anyone was wondering! “They’re really comfy and flowy!”

Ella’s message to humanity: “Don’t overthink all the time.”


Brenda, 21, from South America is enjoying life as a traveler at the moment, coming through Brighton briefly on her adventures. Brenda gets her wardrobe from vintage boutiques!


Ben, 31 has been living in Brighton for the past 8 years. He makes a living from teaching music and is a passionate songwriter too.

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