Brighton Street Fashion – Spring in The City!


Spring is coming, the temperature is getting warmer and people changing their clothes with the seasons- so what are Brightonians wearing at the first sun rays?


This is Sophie, 31 years old from Kent. I met her in the Laines on her day off. “I love to go shopping in Brighton and you have to try the doughnuts here, they are fantastic!”

(Thank you Sophie, I will follow your recommendation while I’m here!)

She is wearing clothes from Adidas, Reebook and LA but she also likes shopping in the Laines because of the unique fashion and lovely atmosphere.

What Sophie would like to say to the World: “Stop killing black people and be respectful with every culture.”

This is Josephine, 21, from Winchester. When I met her she was on holiday and just spending some days in Brighton. “I love the Brightonians and the sea. It is always a good idea to come here”. Today the is wearing a casual sweater and a crop-top, which is perfectly for sitting in the sun and getting tanned. Her skirt is from Adidas and has a cool slit on the right side

She says: “I love the Brightonians and the sea. It is always a good idea to come here”.

She likes casual clothes but they have to be stylish. “My fashion Idol is Rihanna, she has a very cool style,” she tells me.

Josephine’s message to humanity: “Chill out and be happy.”

Jase (1)

Maybe some of you have already met and greeted this fashionable chap at your front door! This is Jase, 24, from Hastings. He now lives and works in Brighton as a delivery man.

I met him during his lunch break in a little cafe with Josephine. The Lanes are one of his favourite Places in Brighton, but in general, he mostly likes the relaxed atmosphere and the art and graffiti on the walls. “Brighton is so artistic!”.

Today (as every day) he wearing very casual clothes. “I wear what I like and don’t follow any trends – when I like the clothes I buy them.”. His favourite Store is Ralph Lauren – where his shirt is from.

Jase’s worldly wisdom: “Treat everybody how you wanted to be treated!”

Maria (1)

This is Maria. She is 22 years old and I met her with her dog as she took a stroll through the Lanes. She came from Moscow to study International Event Management in Brighton and loves it. She often gets her clothes from the charity shops – keeping it cheap and comfy yet stylish!


Chloe (1)

Chloe, 20, was waiting for her friends during her day off when I met her in the Lanes. When isn’t going shopping or meeting her friends, she is working in a pizza restaurant. Today, she is wearing a jumpsuit from a charity shop, shoes from eBay and a jacket which she gets from her mother. “My fashion Idol is my Mum,” she says, “we both like the Charity shops and often share our clothes.”

Victoria and Joni (1)

This is Victoria, 37, with her daughter Joni. I met them on a sunny day at the beach relaxing in the sun. Mother and Daughter have a similar style and both love the clothes from Adidas, because they are casual and cozy. Both are real Brightonians and love living here for the lovely people, the beach, and the coffee shops in Kemptown.

Victoria’s message to humanity: “Be brave, be bold, be beautiful.”


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