Brighton’s Best Dressed – What Have You Been Wearing?

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Another week, another tonne of beautifully dressed people. From vintage designers to comfy casuals, we saw a bit of everything. Have a peruse below at what we think are the best dressed individuals in Brighton this week – enjoy!


First up, we met Laurie with her beautiful, classic style, who was sporting an amazing vintage Laura Ashley dress. She told us that she prefers online shopping, with eBay being her current favourite to source vintage clothes.


This is Chloe, who we spotted mooching around in the lanes. She described her style as being colourful but comfortable, and told us that us that the amazing yellow trousers are her favourite thing to wear – “I literally live in them!”


Next up we chatted to Lena and Celal, two friends with unique styles, who were visiting Brighton from Paris. They told us that it was their first day in Brighton and had so far been spending their time shopping. Describing their own styles, Celal said she loved vintage sportswear, whereas Lena said she had a rock look.

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Finally we spoke to Nuria, a Spanish Au Pair and keen photographer. She told us that she loved shopping in the North Laines, and when we asked her to describe her personal style she said “I can’t! It changes every day!”

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