Brighton’s Newest Landmark Enters the Record Books

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Due to open this summer, Brighton’s tallest structure, the British Airways i360, has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s ‘most slender tower’ and secures another global accolade for this wonderful city, which continues to grow from strength to strength.

Based on a height-to-width ratio, the brand new pencil-shaped structure beats all rival buildings around the world, boasting over 40 times the length in height (162m) compared to the 3.9m diameter that makes up the eye-catching Sussex landmark.

The Shard and the BT Tower are two of the UK’s tallest buildings, however they struggle to compete with the i360’s slender figure, with ratios of six-to-one and eight-to-one respectively, falling dramatically short of Brighton’s latest creation.

The glass pod that will rise 450ft over Brighton - Photo Credit: Bob the Builder
The glass pod that will rise 450ft over Brighton – Photo Credit: Bob the Builder
Brighton's creative nature in full force
Brighton’s creative nature in full force Image From Here

The record title will only increase the public’s desire to visit the tower once it opens later this year, adding to the city’s reputation as a tourist hotspot and luxury coastline getaway . The glass pod, which travels up and down the central beam, was completed last month and will offer the best views of Sussex and the English Channel from 450ft.

Brighton residents and visitors will also have the chance to wine and dine throughout their experience, with the Sky Bar and Belle Vue brasserie catering all-year round. All prices and other information can be viewed on the British Airways i360 website, so take a look and prepare to take in a fine part of Brighton’s expanding history.

Kieran Cleeves

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