Campaign Launch: It’s time for Brighton Council to seriously address seafront litter


Overflowing bins, litter on the beach and plastic washing into the sea. The sudden surge in rubbish on Brighton beach that we’ve seen in recent weeks has been shocking.

This is by no means a new problem in our city, but it is one that has now reached a fever pitch.

It’s time for change. Brighton Journal are launching a campaign to put pressure on Brighton and Hove Council to take swift and serious action to address the disgraceful increase in beach littering.

A lot of this litter ends up in the sea, which has a devastating impact on marine life. Plastics contain toxic chemicals that are released into the water as they break down. These residues can remain in the sea for years, and poison fish and other animals if ingested. Furthermore, fish and marine mammals have often been observed get entangled in plastic packaging floating in the sea.

Without a doubt, citizens need to take responsibility and take their litter to the bins, but we also need the Council to use some of its powers to protect the sea, because individual behaviour change will not happen overnight. Refuse collectors and seafront volunteers do a fantastic job, but they need more support.

We want to give residents the chance to get their voices heard. Echoing Green councillors suggestions for measures that could address the issue, we are presenting three demands to the Council, via this petition:

  1. Put more bins on the seafront to combat overflowing. These bins need to be designed in a way that allows larger items to be disposed of, rather than left on the side.
  2. Explore the idea of a dedicated, paid ‘Seafront Enforcement Team’ with the power to hand out fines for littering
  3. Lobby businesses to address the amount of packaging used for takeaways, and put in place regulations on food outlets’ use of single-use plastics in takeaway packaging

Please sign and share the petition, and let’s get the wheel of change spinning! It’s time to take action to protect the seafront and the ocean.



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